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Charging Forward 

As the world transitions toward a carbon-neutral, net-zero energy footprint. Citizens around the world are encouraged to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Approximately 20% of all CO2 emissions originate from road traffic. Citizens are therefore advised to drive less, drive wise and choose fuel-efficient or Electric Vehicles (EVs) in an effort to contribute to the reduction of transport pollution. Electric vehicles (EVs) hold the potential to reshape the future by replacing fossil fuels in the transportation sector. Within the past decade, we have observed a mass migration from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Company of Trinidad & Tobago (EVCOTT) provides many forms of support for Electric Vehicles in Trinidad & Tobago and in the wider Caribbean.

Our founding services pillars are as follows:


  • EV Chargers

  • EV Charging Management Application Development for EV Chargers

  • EV Charging as a Service (EVCaaS)

  • EV Consultation

Toward a

The Electric Vehicle Company team has more than 10 years experience in the Electric Vehicle Support Industry and more than 40 years in related Electrical Engineering disciplines.

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